How to enter into a relationship with God

God has a purpose

God created you for a relationship with Him. He is King and Lord, Ruler and Master. You must serve and obey Him, love and worship Him in order to fulfill you purpose on this Earth.

Man has a problem

Your refusal to worship, love, serve and obey God is called "sin," and your sin has made you an enemy of God. Sin must be punished. The punishment for sin is everlasting torment in hell. Every person has rebelled against God. No one can ever make themselves good enough to be accepted by the perfectly righteous God. Man needs a Savior!

God made a plan

God wants to restore you to a right relationship with Him. He wants you to become a worshiper and follower of Him. He wants to save you from the awful fate that you deserve for your rebellion against His rule.

So God sent Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, to Earth to take the penalty for your sin against God, to make it possible for us to be put back into a right relationship with God. Christ paid the debt for your sins when He was crucified. His resurrection from the dead proves that His sacrifice was sufficient and pleasing to God.

If you trust in Jesus Christ, that He is God, that He lived, died and was raised to life,

If you will love Him for being your Creator and paying the price for your sin,

If you will trust Him alone for salvation, and do not trust your good actions,

If you will devote yourself to Him and obey His commands,

If you will pray and ask Him to forgive your sins and to save you,

He will!

You will enter into a loving relationship with Christ, fulfill your purpose for being created, and you will spend eternity in Heaven with God.

Common Questions:

Must I quit doing all the bad things I now do before Christ will save me? No! Christ does not require you to change before you trust Christ and begin living for Him. When you realize your sins are against God and that you need a Savior, your love for Jesus Christ will begin to grow. You will want to obey Him. You will want to quit the things you have been doing that were wrong and begin doing things that are right in the eyes of God. If you truly have come to love Jesus Christ and put your faith in Him, you will change.

But even this change does not have to be done in your own strength. When you put your trust in Christ, the Holy Spirit, Christ's presence, comes to live within you. He teaches you, and guides you to do what is pleasing to Christ. Believers have the power of the Holy Spirit within them to overcome sinful practices. When you submit to the Word of God found in the Bible and the influence of the Holy Spirit, you will start living in a manner that pleases Christ.

Does Baptism save me?

No! Baptism does not save. But every believer should be baptized by immersion in water as a witness to those present of his trust in Christ and as a symbol of the change that has occurred because of his new faith in Christ. Baptism symbolizes that we are dead to the old way of living, for our own pleasure, and alive to our new life living for Christ.

What must I do now?

Please call 580-353-1632 or e-mail us at to let us know of your decision to live for Christ. If you live in Lawton, OK, please come to our Connection Group meeting Sunday at 9:30 Am. If you do not live in Lawton, we will assist you in finding a church near you that believes God and His Word, the Bible.

Get a copy of the Bible and begin reading the Book of John, sometimes called the "Gospel of John." In most Bibles, if you open the Bible to the middle, you will find the book of Psalms. Opening the back half of the book to the middle will put you very near the "Book of John." The book before "John" is "Luke." The book after "John" is "Acts." All Bibles have a listing of the books near the front of the Bible.

Do I need to join a church?

Yes! As a Believer in Christ, you are now a part of the body of Christ, the Church. You need the encouragement, instruction, accountability, and opportunities for service that you can only find in a local church. God has specially gifted Believers that we might help one another. God has commanded us not to neglect gathering together with other Believers.

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